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Allergen information

Given the type of activity and the structure of the premises, it is considered necessary to report the possible presence of the following allergens.

1. Cereals containing gluten

2. Crustaceans and derived products

3. Eggs and derived products

4. Fish and derived products

5. Peanuts and derived products

6. Soy and derived products

7. Milk and derived products

8. Nuts

9. Celery and derived products

10. Mustard and derived products

11. Sesame seeds and derived products

12. Sulfur dioxide

13. Lupins and derived products

14. Molluscs and derived products

The numbers next to the dishes indicate the allergens in the above list.

To begin

  Seared octopus with potatoes, sour cream and sweet and sour vegetables * (7,12,14)

Squid on cicadas tomato soup with sautéed turnip greens * (1,2,14)

Tuna carpaccio with quinoa salad and lemon and soy sauce * (4,6)

Beef tartare with capers, sweet and sour onion and mustard mayonnaise * (1,3,10,12)

Seared foie gras with braised oxtail and black truffle sauce * (1,3,7,9)

Quiche with eggplant caviar, cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella  (1,3,7)




Half paccheri with shelled seafood and cherry tomatoes * (1,2,7,12,14)

Spaghetti with sea urchin pulp and clams * (1,2,7,12,14)

Gnocchi with prawns, asparagus and baby squid * (1,2,3,7,12,14)

Fettuccine with red prawns and Tropea onion * (1,2,3,7,14)

Ravioli with mascarpone and truffle, pancetta and zucchini * (1,3,7,9)

Seared prawns with vegetable spaghetti and shellfish sauce * (2,9,)

Sea bass fillet with vegetables, capers and Taggiasca olives (4.9)

Seared tuna with green beans, crispy egg and anchovy sauce (1,3,4,10)

Pork belly with celeriac and field vegetables (7,9)

Marinated duck breast flavored with lavender, asparagus and Tropea onion (6.9)




Chocolate Pave 'with caramel ice cream * (1,3,7)

Apple Tart Tatin with vanilla ice cream * (1,3,7)

Cheese cake with raspberry sorbet * (1,3,7)

Paris-Brest with mascarpone cream and fruit * (1,3,7)

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